As a civil person to survive in a time of war: 10 tips from an experienced officer

We hope that these tips you will never use. But forewarned is forearmed. You never know what may occur in life circumstances, isn't it? GRU officer, who asked to remain anonymous, spoke about what and what not to do in the face of a sudden outbreak of hostilities. The website publishes a selection of his tips.

Image source: Fishki.netНе try to pull the toilet tank

It is important to understand that if the fighting began or the city taken in the environment, shortages of water and food will be for sure. Some minimum inventory of both in your apartment should be mandatory. If food is still possible somehow to get out, especially in the summer, the water is worse. Transportation will not be exact. If tap water will be gone, you have the latest NZ — the toilet tank. Don't you dare pull this water. It is no different from water from the tap and allow you to stretch an extra week.

Keep a small supply of fuel, just in case, but not in the apartment

Don't forget that during local disasters and wars of GSM — the weight of gold. Very often in this time of fuel can be quite liquid currency which can be redeemed all you need. A small supply of fuel will always be useful. Most importantly — remember that the apartment can not keep it, because vapours are combustible. It's better to make a cache in the attic because the basement people are likely to hide from attacks.

You will not be killed intentionally if you don't wear camouflage

Specifically to kill you it is unlikely someone will. For the first time, while confusion reigns, it is much more likely to become a victim of the marauders than of the military. Soldiers on the people without weapons waste ammo will not. But it's certainly not a reason to walk in full growth. And we definitely you should not wear camouflage. In order not to get shot from their own or others, all you need to show that you are a civilian.

Forget about your property

As soon as the fighting began, forget about their property, and especially about real estate. Your property is no more. More precisely, its range is now limited to only vital things: food and water. For everything else to die, certainly not worth it. For example, if your apartment showing men with weapons and say that they have now here is the crew, you calmly say "Okay" and leave quietly. If you will argue and scream that it's your property — you will get shot in the forehead immediately, because soldiers in combat is not exactly up to you. And I should go anyway, even if not expelled. Because the enemy may at any time to cover this point.

The remaining property is better for something to exchange

The best option is to exchange your car, automatic weapons room in the nearest police station. If the city has already started some serious shit, the car is definitely not necessary, and the weapons would be superfluous.

Just do not need to be a hero and to imagine that once you get up the machine, it will immediately begin to lay down all the left and right as John matrix from the movie Commando. The weapon you need only to protect yourself, your family and your stockpile of food and water from the marauding civilians. God forbid you throw into battle with this weapon against the military. Moreover, there is no difference against her or against others, war is better to stay away.

Stay away from infrastructure

Should not be located in close proximity to the telecentres, food warehouses, plants, factories and other things. Near hospitals is also better not to be, there will constantly bring the wounded, the conflicting parties will try to win for itself a place, and then there will constantly be firing. And in the case of bombing someone will blow the hospital. The Geneva Convention only observe from time to time.

Try as soon as possible to leave the city

To get out of the city is best on foot, any transport will be shot 100%. If the city is blocked and encircled the idea is to "slip through unnoticed" drop immediately. Any strange movement in fights is turn without warning. To get around the day. Don't sneak around the doorways (the military you still will notice), but not to March down main street. On a backpack or back is always to hang a white sheet it will be a sign that you are a civilian. You need to go to the next checkpoint or the checkpoint. If you up to this point managed to keep their weapons, before the approach to the post it is better to throw, and then can get either deserters or, worse, saboteurs. With the officer on duty also need to agree on how to get out of the city. Accordingly, you should be something that you will be able to offer him.

Look and behave like civil

No heroics, no camouflage, war paint or weapons at the ready. All this is another reason to shoot you without warning. Usual wear, a white sheet on the backpack or the back. If you have a weapon, it is better to keep under clothes or in pockets when talking about the gun. Any supply of food/water it is better to duplicate. For example, if your backpack supplies for three days survival for you, get a small purse where will the stock for one day. This must be the case big backpack you take away. Ask them to leave at least a bag with more likely to agree.

Don't mess with the military

Remember that soldiers are people too, with their cockroaches in the head, nerves and fears. In war it is much easier to "work out" you than to understand who you are, what you are and why you are going somewhere. So to all the demands of men with guns only answer Yes. Ask for something to give — to give. Especially in order to get out of the city to pay anything. Because inside the city, taken in the ring, very soon will be hunger.

The need to retreat somewhere

Once out of the city you need to go somewhere. Somewhere — it means in a specific place. The ideal option is to prepare a "buttermilk" with a good supply of everything necessary for the first time. But this possibility is not at all. So good places in order to "beautiful" and not to die of hunger will become farms, farms, farms, monasteries, temples, churches. Go there, say that you are a healthy man and will work for food. This is the best chance to stretch longer.



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