What are the symptoms of anterior scalene muscle and the consequences?

Pain on the inner side of the arm to the ring finger and little finger, in the subclavian region and the shoulder. Growing in movements in the cervical spine. Sometimes pain radiating to the occipital region, especially when turning the head, sometimes in the chest. Worsens during a deep breath, turning heads in a healthy direction, while the movements of the hand, especially when it leads. The feeling of heaviness, weakness in the hand, the tension of the neck muscles.

Mechanical compression of the phrenic nerve affects the diaphragm, the muscular tonus. This can cause:

— formation of a hernia a hiatal.
— inferior Vena cava is clamped in the aperture as a result of spasm, and clamped Vienna – the cause of varicose veins.
— causeless neurogenic cough.

Paresthesia (one of the types of sensitivity disorders, characterized by numbness, tingling, pins and needles),

Swelling in the area of the brush caused by compression of the subclavian vein or lymph vessel, especially in the morning, after sleep. Stiffness of the fingers is caused not only edema, but also the tension of the extensors of the fingers, which lie in the region reflected from ladder muscle pain.

Compression of the subclavian artery leads to a weakening of the pulse at the radial artery of the hand of the affected side. Patients with certain professions, for example, plasterers, can't work with their hands. When the head turns to the healthy side and deep breaths, the pulse may disappear completely, which is associated with additional voltage ladder muscles are also accessory muscles of inhalation.


How to develop, if nothing is done?

First, occasionally felt numbness of the fingers, after 1-2 years of numbness begins to wear a permanent nature, the area of paresthesia increased. Then there is atrophy of the tissues: cold extremities, cyanosis, swelling, brittle nails. The hand becomes thinner and weaker. Usually this comes 5-6 years from the first signs of numbness. Gradually decreases the hair, there is a weakening of the pulse, and sometimes the disappearance of the pulse when lifting the arm and tilting the head in the same direction or at the maximum head rotation in the opposite direction.


The main reason that causes the voltage ladder muscles is emotional stress and negative emotions. They violate the function of internal organs: kidneys, heart, liver, and biliary tract.

"Of particular interest are the gall bladder, sphincter of Oddi and ileocecal connection. They often serve as targets for the somatization of stress, in other words, the stressors of the environment especially often cause irritation and spasm of these critical areas. For some reason the brain treats the sphincter as a way out."(Jean-Pierre BARRAL)

These organs are closely connected with the muscles of the neck, there are representative areas and therefore there is immediately a voltage.

Prolapse of internal organs due to the weak tone of the pelvic diaphragm and phrenic

Overweight, big belly.

Provoking factor in the development SPLM – prolonged static exposure to the head and upper extremities.

Professional activities (forced raising of the hands of plasterers-painters, dentists, possession of gravity on the shoulder, acquired deformities of the clavicle, pulling hands down when carrying something heavy)

What to do?

1. To eliminate the cause of stress.

2. Be sure to work with your belly, eliminate excess weight, strengthen the abdominal muscles. Manipulation only with the neck will not give a stable result, the effect will be temporary.

3. To perform daily set of exercises on stretching the muscles of the neck.


Therapeutic exercises for stretching the muscles of the neck


— Therapeutic exercises should be performed in a slow enough pace by keeping a certain rhythm. Too fast and sudden movements can lead to increased pain or even injure the strained muscles;

— If you are performing exercises, there are pain, preventive exercises should stop.

If such pain or heavy crunching in the cervical spine arise constantly when you exercise, you need to consult a doctor;

— Special value under any load of the spine has its traction. This stretching of the vertebrae relieves stress and makes treatment most effective.


Exercise 1


Make slopes alternately left and right, allowing the weight of the head slowly to stretch the muscles of the neck, pausing in position for 2-3 minutes, extending and calming breaths.


Exercise 2


Runs exactly sitting on a chair. Arms down arms along the body. Slowly turn the head to focus the right and left. Possible and easy when the neck turns made in each direction (right and left) with a small amplitude.


Exercise 3


Initial position as in first exercise. Slowly lower the head down as much as possible pressing the chin against the chest. If possible, try to feel the chin a dimple on the breast. Gently pull your head back in the direction of the head back and up, bend the neck in this position. published

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