In Singapore, launched the world's largest test floating solar plant

Company EDB and PUB has launched a floating solar power plant 1 MW on the reservoir Tenge, under the leadership of the Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS).

Now Singapore is the world's largest floating test solar photovoltaic station, which aims at studying the economic and technological capabilities of the deployment of large scale floating PV systems on indoor pools.

Solar farm on a reservoir Tenge consists of 10 different types of floating structures and PV modules of approximately 100 cwtp each. This will allow you to compare performance with other PV systems that are located on land and to assess the performance improvement due to the cooling effect of water. The test plant is also equipped with the largest floating photovoltaic system with active water cooling. In addition, testing will allow you to learn about the impact of such systems on the environment.

Test floating stand is a joint work of the economic development Board (EDB) and PUB, the National water resources Agency of Singapore. Energy research Institute solar energy Singapore (SERIS) is the project Manager and is responsible for the scientific evaluation of test photoelectrically.

Connect 10 systems in the test model to the electricity network of Singapore is expected in December 2016.

Through its research activities, SERIS has developed an innovative solution for monitoring floating solar power plant, which allows real-time tracking of all the movements along the three dimensions and their rotation that provides an opportunity to learn, drifts, solar plant, and the amount of drift, sinking if she is there on her way disturbances such as wild animals.

This monitoring solution will be deployed on each separate structure floating photoelectrically and will be useful for applications that will allow you to monitor the condition of the panels when they are not visible from the shore.

In addition to the technical evaluation of floating photosystems, PUB will also study the impact on the environment and on the reservoir, reducing evaporation of water from the reservoir due to the reduced surface area that is exposed to direct sunlight. Also researchers are interested in the change of water quality and biodiversity of the reservoir after the appearance on the surface of photovoltaic installations. published

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