Just 3 ingredients will give your nails beauty and health! The result is lightning-fast.

Great Coco Chanel said that the hands — the card of women. Their well-groomed appearance is one of the main objectives of the fair sex.

Unfortunately, not every of us can boast a flawless hand. But remember, everything is fixable. The command "Site" to share a few crafty tricks that will help you get soft hands and perfect nails.

How to care for nails
  1. If you don't use varnish or do not wish to burden the nail products, nail plate RUB with garlic. The effect is stunning! Don't worry, the smell will go away as soon as you wash your hands, especially if you add in water a slice of lemon. It has a lot of vitamin C, which beneficially affect the state of the cuticle and skin.

  2. Want nails grow fast and remain strong? Always take off the nail Polish after 5-6 days and let the nails to relax a bit. Do salt baths with the addition of your favorite essential oils and soft hands are guaranteed.

  3. To protect skin and nails from the negative impact of chemicals, always use protective gloves when cleaning the house and washing dishes.

  4. Make an Express treatment that helps to return your hands beauty and health in a matter of minutes. To do this, mix 4 tbsp olive oil, 2 crushed garlic cloves and a few drops of lemon juice. To achieve a rapid effect soak cotton pads in the tool and place them on your nails for 30 minutes.

    Preventively lubricate the nail plate with this mixture before bedtime for 14 days. Repeat course every 3 months.

Your hands — perfection, each will dream to touch them. Keep the tips on the wall, not to lose!

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