Maserati will start mass production of electric cars in 2020

Model Maserati can boast of refined exterior design and upscale interior trim, but have never been known for their reliability. However, this is not enough for the brand, which is going to produce electric cars, and even rival Tesla. Although it is reported that the future electric car Maserati is not going to be neither a sedan nor a crossover, and may be a electric Gran Turismo, so the brand is not going to compete directly with the American manufacturer.

I wonder what protects the electric car is not the CEO of FCA Group, Mr. Sergio Marchionne, a prominent opponent of electric cars, Roberto Fedeli, the new head of Department of development of the brand. The Fedeli returned to the Italian company left the division of BMW i, so he knows a lot about electric vehicles. His experience is enough to determine the direction of the brand: "I don't think Tesla is the best product on the market, but they annually produce 50 000 cars", — he said at the current motor show in Paris. Taking into account that the Maserati does not present an electric model for 2019, you would think that by that time everyone will forget about the luxury Italian electric car. Moreover, the brand is now a complete range of traditional vehicles to even think about the issue of the electric car. And it is unlikely the company will have until 2020 to begin serial production of this model.

"Electric cars are heavier than other machines. With electric motor you get torque and power, but only for a few seconds, and then the weight does not allow you to enjoy the car on normal roads," said Fedeli. "This is not consistent with the representations of the brand, and this issue needs to be resolved," it sounds like he's really upset. published




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