10 myths that we are forced to believe cosmetics manufacturers

Often the is or bright packaging — exactly those factors for which we choose a new tool to care for themselves. However, makeup artist, beauty expert and author of books Floor Runner (Paula Begoun) believes that you should not believe the producers, often enticing customers with cunning.

The website has prepared a brief list of the most common marketing ploys.

Myth # 1. The more popular the brand, the better the effect

The effectiveness of cosmetic products is due solely to its chemical composition, and therefore neither mark nor produces it firm, nor the price of the drug does not make it automatically effective. It's all in the composition of the product.

Myth # 2. Anti aging cosmetics there are

Both in young and in older age the main thing is to determine your skin type and use suitable you means. Unfortunately, the cream of old age does not exist. Speaking of age, cosmetic marketers have in mind the use of tools that will help to get rid of pigmentation, improve skin elasticity and make wrinkles a little less noticeable.

Myth # 3. For the skin you need a special cream

Eye cream is no different from face cream. It's the same cream, just in a small jar for a much higher price. The usual inscription on the packaging "avoid eye area" should be understood literally: the cream should not get into your eyes. It's simple.

Myth # 4. Cellulite can be got rid of with cream

If that were true, models would cease to use photoshop. At the moment, there are no scientific studies of any components of cosmetics, helping to get rid of cellulite. For cellulite effective diet, fitness and hardware procedures that can affect subcutaneous fat, but all creams with a similar purpose is equally ineffective.

Myth # 5. Organic cosmetics are better than ordinary

In fact, organic is the usual PR stunt. The presence in the composition of the product organic raw material does not confirm its effectiveness. The so-called "organic cosmetics" may be safe, because the list does not contain terrible substances, but that does not make it automatically effective. The producers are silent about the chemistry of which helps to keep the healing properties of organic.

Myth # 6. The cream gets rid of facial wrinkles

Does not exist creams and cosmetics from stretch marks, wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes. Does not happen creams, comparable in effect to Botox or injectable drugs. Alas, but science so far has not yet stepped. You cannot use cosmetics to get rid of facial wrinkles, skin sagging or nasolabial folds.

Myth # 7. Sunscreen need to put on, just so as not to burn on the beach

It turns out that sunscreen is the most important defense against wrinkles, age spots, loss of elastin and collagen. Do not neglect them either in October or in December. It could be a moisturizer with SPF, Foundation with SPF or a special sunscreen, as long as its composition was zinc oxide, titanium dioxide or avobenzone.

Myth # 8. Shampoo can stop hair loss

Whatever miracle properties may lure you packing, shampoo does not affect hair condition. His task is to clean the hair. Neither the brand nor the price are irrelevant, because the product is on the scalp for long, so can not enrich her with those exotic components that are touted by marketers. The secret of hair care — the conditioner and hair mask.

Myth # 9. Hair can be dyed without causing harm to them

Action hair dye is to destruction of the pigment of the hair and the implementation there of coloring pigment. If the paint is stable, the pigment sits on the hair for up to 3 months, if fragile, for about a week. What kind of paint does no harm? The one that doesn't destroy the pigment of the hair. But then there is no effect. The answer is obvious — all the colors are the same, none of them (except natural henna and Basma) can not be harmless for the hair.

Myth No. 10. The tan is safe

This statement is neither applicable to tan in the Solarium or on the beach — anywhere! If you want to buy beautiful chocolate skin tone, the safest way is to use a bronzer.

Source Paula Begoun
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