Garbage for your accessories!

Garbage can also be used as a valuable resource. About this we are once again reminded predprinimateli "green" business.

Startup from the UK Elvis & Kresse produce aksessuari of debris pererabatyvaya just what we call stuff. So fire hoses, poorly maintained bags, cloth, passenger belts and even Shoe boxes — all very valuable products for Elvis & Kresse.

And how do you think that this is impossible? The fashion accessories: Purses, belts, bags.

"Garbage is more than enough. We want to help people understand that rubbish is not always rubbish, and that pricew efforts, even from the old bag to make a beautiful thing which is, moreover, safe for the environment."

The company processed more than 45 tons of garbage, but that's not going to stop.

By the way, half of its profits a company gives to charity. Among the possible candidates – the lucky ones who can get financial aid — fireman's charity Fund and funds to support farmers in Nicaragua and Guatemala.

Branch of the Elvis & Kresse is in countries such as France, Switzerland, Australia and China, n also stuff you can buy online.

So go for it!

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