Landscapes that are worth seeing

1. Texture RICHT, near Odenyi, in Mauritania (The Richat Structure/Ouadane/Mauritania). The surface in the form of cyclone has a size of 50 kilometers in diameter and located in the heart of the Mauritanian Sahara desert.

2. Blue funnel in Belize (Blue Hole/Belize). One of the few craters on earth, which formed a deep failure off the coast of Belize. Now she is a magnet for divers.

3. Island Thrill Seekers, Fiji (Monuriki Island/Fiji). On this secluded island, surrounded by the mineral waters, the film "Outcast" ("Cast Away").

4. The Norwegian sea. Icebergs are not always white crystal. This photo was taken by a fisherman off the coast of Norway.

5. Page, AZ (Page/Arizona). Really the most extraordinary place in the world – the Colorado river bends around a rock. Turn the river like a horseshoe. There is in this place something terrible.

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