The world's largest flower Park

In a relatively small city under the name of al ain, located in the United Arab Emirates, opened the world's largest flower Park called Al Ain Paradise.

Flower carpet this Park covers an area of about 21 thousand square meters and is listed in the Guinness Book of records. In the territories of the Park are about three thousand baskets with different colors. In the past year, this garden was almost completely ruined by the visitors who stole away the plants right along with the baskets, so the Park was closed for restoration work.

The Park authority is currently actively working to prevent such vandalism in the future. Here is composed compositions and shapes of flowers.

Florists used different varieties of plants from different continents of the Earth. Among the main attractions of the Park 12-meter replica of the Eiffel tower, a large floral pyramid, and through the whole territory of the garden runs the artificial stream.


In addition, the Park there is also a small theater.

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