The most dangerous bridge in the world

In the mountains of Switzerland as one of the most amazing tourist destinations is the Trift hut. Her visit is always accompanied by demonstration Trotskogo glacier. In 2002, after the melting of the lower part of the cabin become unavailable. As a result of the melting of the glacier, in the Swiss Alps, the lake was formed Trift, decorating their appearance the small town of Gadmen in the Canton of Bern.

To everyone's delight tourists and locals their problem took to solve the local power company. In 2004, she needed to carry out hydraulic and electrical work in the area Trotskogo glacier. So there in the Alps with long, 170 m in length, and a hanging bridge. It was built at an altitude of about 100 m above the Trift lake.

The bridge built immediately entered the list of the most dangerous bridges in the world. And no wonder, the hanging bridges, the aerial structure, which does not inspire confidence. A rope handrail, rotten from time to time, the boards, swinging when walking with a large amplitude: what kind of trust can there be?

But in this place the bridge of a different design to build is impossible, and economically impractical. If we talk about tourism, it is in favor of a suspension bridge tells the romance of travel. So the bridge was a very picturesque place in Switzerland. In summer 2009, the Trift bridge has been upgraded. It significantly improved the system of steel ropes, with the result that the amplitude of its rocking significantly decreased, and the height of the handrail is increased.

As such, the bridge has become quite safe for casual tourists. With this time travel fans happy to pass over the lake Trift to make amazingly beautiful pictures Thriftstore glacier. The transition over the abyss with a length of 170 metres on the bridge, reminiscent of a thin thread – it's incredibly fascinating to watch.

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