Grow Mandarin ducks!

Poultry farming is definitely a profitable industry in the field of agriculture from the point of view of making money. That's just on breeding chickens, turkeys and quails imagination, as a rule, beginners, business is not. In fact, the farming of Mandarin ducks can bring a good income and a lot of fun. They are valued by lovers of ornamental birds in many countries. They adapt well in captivity, unpretentious food, friendly and so on. But for some individuals, you will be able to gain great money.


If you decide to implement a business idea cultivation of Mandarin, you should find out more about the features of their content, you should pay attention to? So the birds feel good in the summer, they should be placed in the outdoor aviary. It is better to equip a small pond. And in winter tangerines moved into the insulated enclosure, the temperature should not be below 5 degrees. The place of residence of the birds must be equipped with drinkers, feeders and perches. All this you can make your own or buy ready-made. In the cage also need to put a big dry tree with lots of branches to the height of about 2 meters will be suspended nests.


Lay eggs like that in the spring – March-April. Hatched ducklings can do to jump out of the nest. For their further life is of great importance weather conditions. They do not suffer hypothermia. Some farmers, if the ducks refuse to sit on the eggs, use ordinary incubators, which are also easy to buy. Ducklings also need special feed. At first they are fed 8 times a day (in the first ten days after birth), then 6 times, and 16 days – 4 times. At first the Chicks offer earthworms, Daphnia, bloodworms. Then the diet should be supplemented with fresh wheat, egg, dry milk, feed, water animals, algae. Always keep waterers in the cages were full of clean water.


Adults the food is unpretentious, quite three times a day. They offer wet mash of fish, beans, grated vegetables, chopped herbs, with added mineral substances in the form of shells, chalk, bone meal. You do not need any investment to start this kind of business. But before you begin, you should think about ways to market. Mostly Mandarin you will have to buy the same breeders of birds, and also fans who needed them for decorative purposes.

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