The "right" bra

The mammary gland needs to fully absorb the Cup and the belt is in any case not to hamper the movement and breathing. The skin should not remain traces from strapless, zipper. Close bra once again injure the chest. Stagnation of blood may eventually lead to various troubles, from the small quantity of milk to serious diseases of the breast. The belt bra choose precise measurements: you will need to know your girth under the chest. Bras are marked. The first number is the underbust girth in centimeters (for example, 85) and the second letter denotes the fullness of the cups (A, b, C...). Sometimes indicates the underbust girth in inches — 85 cm correspond to 36 inches.

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When buying, pay attention to the seams. They don't have to chop or rubbing, hard to crash. The fabric should be absorbent, because the "sauna effect" contraindicated for breast. Synthetic products are beautiful. But the best bra — cotton. Do not wear a bra more than 12 hours a day. Don't sleep in it!

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Strapless bra wear as little as possible. Choosing a bra with the "bones", make sure he was as comfortable as possible, and the bones are not "stuck in the body." For pregnancy, breastfeeding and sports to choose special underwear.Avoid wearing foam bras. "Every day," choose a pale linen, better than Nude or white colors. It is unacceptable to wear in the heat or workout clothes that shed.

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In your wardrobe should be two bodily bra, one white and one black. One of the bodily bras are detachable straps that can detach completely or be replaced by transparent. Well and further — a matter of taste! There is no limit to perfection in lingerie and in shoes, gloves, handkerchiefs... Because we deserve it.

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