The city of Earth City of the future: the desire to create sustainable urban environments

Company JM Schivo & Associati has presented a very ambitious project — a sustainable city of the future "City of Earth" ("Earth City"), which fundamentally breaks the views over the metropolis. Residential and commercial areas, city parks and other city facilities will be located under the protective cover, all vehicles will be electric, and the city will be provided with energy only from renewable sources.

rchitecture long been committed to creating a sustainable urban environment which would not cause damage to nature. The authors of the project "City-Land" I propose to create a city of the future with a special biological corridors, green walls and roofs, which would maximize the efficiency of energy use and substantially reduce the level of energy consumption.

Trying with one hand to preserve the flora and fauna, the designers in a special way worked on the technology as on the important part of this project. Here is almost all achievements of modern technologies: photovoltaic panels, a variety of intelligent systems, modern waste disposal system and many more. In this clever system will ensure that energy is delivered only as needed, making nothing go to waste.

Even at the concept stage, city of the future "City-Land" reminds the person about the environmental future is possible – how it would be and how else it could be.

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