The miniature water Park project from Japanese architects

Japanese architect Takao Shiotsuka (Takao Shiotsuka) has developed a draft Kiriake Miniature Water Park built in the vicinity Kikuchi (Kumamoto, Japan). The purpose of the object – to integrate into the urban fabric, in order to revive the old district, attracting a new stream of people.

This public space is a miniature water Park where the water is presented in three mini lakes emerging in landscape composition that evokes associations with the garden of stones.

Shallow pool designed for children, while as adults can just sit on the bench, lowering into the water feet. In the closed part of the composition is public toilet.

The reason for the lack of greenery in this project that plants require constant maintenance, which local governments can Finance not always.

However, the project authors believe that this shortcoming can be compensated tenebrosity canopies and the presence of water, creating a valuable coolness and freshness.

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