The concept MusixCube to record digital music

The concept MusixCube is a handheld device for controlling recording of digital music. This miniature music synthesizer designed for such software for DJs and musicians like Ableton Live, Logic, and the like, and combines several elements of drum machines and other MIDI controllers.



Developing his concept, the designer Gauke Scholz (Hauke Scholz) has set a goal to try to help the creators of music to avoid contact with the computer and literally give them control in their own hands. And we can say that it is well managed. Looking at a small object, hard to believe that it makes all these sounds, but it is.

The interaction between the device and the apps for creating music based on the Rubik's Tower: MusixCube in the form of the world-famous puzzle game is made of forty touch-sensitive and pressure-touch screens from organic LEDs. It is managed by tilt, rotation and other actions with individual segments miniincubator that allows the user to change settings that affect the order of sound samples and run the effects.


This device allows one or more musicians to create and edit certain music tracks being close to each other. In addition, after the arrangements of some songs, one person can do a whole live performance or even a mix of your own music with the help of two or more such cubes synths.

We marveled at the possibilities of a giant synth, and now this all-powerful music device you can carry in your pocket, and the quality of his work is no worse. This is absolutely an amazing invention, probably capable of producing a revolution in recording music, so look forward to implementation.


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