The blue Lagoon is a fabulous place

According to legend, the healing properties of the waters of the Blue lagoon was accidentally opened by one of the Icelandic energy cured psoriasis while bathing after work.

Swimming in Iceland in the pools with hot thermal water. Pools open and closed, small and large, water parks with slides, shops and restaurants, swimming pools at hotels and swimming pools in schools... most of the pools are filled with the same water used for hot water — a transparent, slightly smelling of hydrogen sulphide, slightly sweet taste and a bit "slippery" to the touch, but there are more exotic places with a bluish, opalescent, strongly saline water and the bottom covered with a thick layer of white silica mud.

The blue Lagoon is a geothermal pool with sea water a milky color, which is a 40-minute drive from Reykjavik. In the waters of this basin contains silica, mineral salts and blue green algae. The water temperature is about 40 degrees. Widely known cosmetics of the same name, based on active elements produced from water and mud of the lagoon. The healing properties of the Blue Lagoon are astounding, which attracts crowds of tourists all year round. The concept of the Blue Lagoon easily fits into the tradition of the European SPA resorts, promoting the idea of natural rejuvenation and healing with water.

It's an exciting place partly natural, but mostly man-made: a huge lake of hot water in the middle of the lava field was the result of a geothermal power plant, supplying energy Reykjavik. To the SPA facility, it was transformed in 1999.

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