Big Screen для iPhone

iPhone is good for many things, but at least his screen has a relatively large, yet to watch the movies – not the most impressive occupation. This problem was familiar and Filipino designer Dalai Tristan (Tristan Dalay), tried to solve it using the concept of special device, called Big Screen (Big screen).

This device is designed to provide additional mobile video recording functions through the use of a thin Fresnel lens located on the front panel and increases everything that is displayed on the screen of the phone. While image quality remains at a decent level due to the high resolution display of the iPhone. In addition there is no difficulty to install it under the user-friendly angle.

This display box is designed so that, even when the touch screen is not functioning, the side holes in it to provide access to the button of volume control, the other main control buttons and the screen. In addition, the plans of the author is equipping his creations with a remote control that will make it as close in quality to the small TV.

Most importantly, the price of this gadget was not close to the TV, otherwise no point in this device will not. Hardly anyone would carry it around with you every day or to take on long trips, it is very cumbersome. And at home he is the perfect replacement for a television or computer. So the only attracting factor may be that the cost allows you to buy it in order to leave, for example, at the cottage or in the car and an occasion to enjoy a more comfortable movie viewing.

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