Eco-island Eco-Land

We have the concept of the border is still based on the Soviet view of her as the iron wall that separates the country from the outside world, hostile mood towards us. But in most other countries it's totally different. An example of this can be the project eco-island Eco-Land, which may develop in the near future, the border between Hong Kong and China.

Hong Kong is one of the most open countries in the world! But the power of this small Chinese States seek to make it even more open, more modern, more green, more towards the benefit of people. An example of this openness can serve as a draft water gate of Hong Kong by Norman foster (Norman Foster) and a multifunctional island between Hong Kong and China, where there is the airport, border crossing, shopping center and much more. This project is very similar to the last project mentioned above. Because Eco-Land is also an island, and also on the border between Hong Kong and China, but it is preferred not concrete, glass and asphalt, and nature.

The concept of eco-island Eco-Land has designed the Greek architectural firm AETER specially for the contest to create a new border crossing between Hong Kong and China. This concept implies the construction of the transition and its infrastructure underground, below the main surface level of the island. Well, from the top to build a real natural Paradise the wild nature in which to recreate the flora and fauna of this part of China before the arrival of humans and the industrial revolution. In this reserve can be planted rare species of trees and shrubs, displaced people from Hong Kong, to settle in his animals that once lived here, including tigers.

Well, amidst all this natural splendor to create the Park, which would rest at the same time, together and Hong Kong residents, and residents of mainland China, to make here a neutral territory, free from politics.

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