Conceptually, the "stove" The Stoneven of the high-tech "stones"


In summer, the sun is so hot it heats the asphalt, benches, curbs and stones on the beach that, if necessary, they can be used instead of stove to heat their water or cook an egg or bake a potato. Of course, in the cold season, this opportunity is available to us, but it was around when uncomfortable, cold and windy, people need alternative source of heat. The concept of the compact heaters Stoneven The young Korean designer Jeong Woo Hyeok has developed, apparently, remembering about summer, sun and hot rocks.


Like pebbles of the sea with rocky bottom, round flat heaters The Stoneven use induction to heat up to the desired temperature. But unlike ordinary stones, conceptual high-tech stones from Jeong Woo Hyeok able to hold this heat much longer, and serve not only warmer, but also a mini-stove for warming up food and heating water. However, for these purposes a single stone is enough, and you have to lay down a hearth.

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