500 Santa clauses from beach sand in India


It is difficult to imagine and understand, but for a great number of the inhabitants of the Earth Christmas and New Year is not the winter, and the summer holiday! And they say its not under the tree on the snow-covered square, and under a palm tree on the beach. An example of this is warm India, where recently there was even a series of five sculptures of Santa clauses created from sand.


Somewhere in the holidays organize festivals of ice sculptures and snow, and somewhere out of the sand. Because people live in different climatic zones, and therefore each fits a New Year and Christmas under your temperature conditions. For example, for the people of India Christmas is a holiday in which it is possible to swim in a warm ocean, walking the beach in a bathing suit and sculpt figures out of the sand. Here is the latest and has engaged artist Sudarsan Pattnaik (Sudarsan Pattnaik), specializes in this very specific art form.

Here in the New Year's eve and he created a very unusual group blindly from the sand of 500 pieces Santa Claus. Moreover, he even painted their "clothes" in red color with a food safe paint. I must say that it was created not only for beauty, and guided by Sudarsan Pattnaik not only the Christmas spirit born inside him. The main goal of this installation is using the power of art to inform people about the threat of Global Warming. After a few hours after work over these sand Santa Claus, they were washed away by the surf.

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