Bridge of love in Cologne

Hundreds of thousands of different by color and size, locks and locks forever chained to the metal on the long bridge, the Hohenzollern in Cologne. It has rightfully been called the bridge of love, something similar happened in many cities of the world, but accepted that there was this tradition of Italy, when the couple bought a shared lock, wrote their names and hung the locks and closing them, thereby forever linking their love to each other.


The tradition of leaving "love locks" has existed for quite some time, although there is no historical mention of its origin. In Europe the fashion for love-locks started appearing in the early 2000s, and in Russia, in Moscow, even built a special bridge of love on which traditionally all Madliena in a hurry to hang their locks.

Love locks have been criticized by the city authorities, yet the mayor of Cologne even want to remove them from the bridge, but in the end couldn't do it because obshestvennost was clearly against. There is also the bridge of lovers in Kiev, where the lovers of Kiev can permanently associate yourself mysterious ties sailcovers castle. Next to the Hohenzollern bridge is one of the most recognizable landmarks of Cologne — the famous Cathedral, built in Gothic style, so that the bridge is not difficult to find, if you have the desire to snap your.

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