The cleaner which will find all the dirt in the house

People with poor eyesight faced when cleaning the problem when the dirt is simply impossible to ignore. Like swept or vacuumed, then washed the floor, but already there after collecting dirt left crumbs from crushed cookies, for example. Here even powerless vacuum cleaner in order to vacuum the especially contaminated sites, they need to move the vacuum cleaner a bit longer than the others. The problem of harvesting for people with bad vision just disappears with the advent in the world of the new cleaner.

Designer Namsun Do created the vacuum Vivacuum. So it's a vacuum cleaner, then it is clear what his job is, to say that this vacuum is to say about it all. This vacuum cleaner has a search function dirt when he is in the enabled state is on the surface with the mud, it sends a signal about this. The signal of dirt is a vibration which is felt by the person who cleans. As it will be useful for use in poorly lit and difficult to access.

Well, first there was a metal detector (which looks for metals), then Elektrostal (who is looking for electricity), and now grotesquely (which is looking for dirt on the floor). Bezuslovno such a device is very useful in everyday life, but if you are happy with the performance of your vacuum cleaner have trouble cleaning because of view, just buy points and remove them.

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