Australia, landscapes - Mungo National Park

The sand dunes that meander, lakes which have dried up from the scorching sun, strange rocks and remains of ancient settlements — a Paradise for paleontologists. In these places in the South-West of New South Wales were found traces of ancient people left in wet clay yet 19-23, 000 years ago, and even the remains of ancient man.

2,400 sq km stretch of desert landscapes of Mungo National Park, where the Park has settled 17 dry lakes. Of these, the lake Mungo, which gave name to the whole Park, as on the shore were found the remains of a person, scientists estimate can be 20 to 40 thousand years.

Mungo Man and Mungo Lady, the so — called remnant people they were kramorovoy during the ritual, so they did not die a natural death. Their grave is located at the great wall of China is a series of dunes that stretches for 33 km length. She was particularly love to take pictures of tourists during sunset: the last rays of the fading lights dunes of grayish-white become yellow, persikovymi, orange and finally red.

Ruined their activities the local land white farmers who lived here in the 19th century. Quite late Park was taken under protection, in the 1970's. Who sting to delve into the distant past needs to visit this Park where still there are the bones of animals, which in the vastness of Australia will not meet. Tourists zdesne a lot a lot, so the solitude of the ancient and secrets of the past provided the adventurers and the mysteries of this world.

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