5 mysteries of the human brain

1. Sleep

If you ask five people what is sleep and where, but is taken, most likely to hear five different assumptions. And it's not that people are not interested in scientific and popular publications, and due to the fact that the science is still not known the cause of dreams. There are two theories explaining this phenomenon. Be the first to say that during sleep the body produces the test connections in the brain, activating various channels. The second version is based on the fact that during sleep the brain processes information, which he didn't have enough time in the day, and also strengthens the thoughts and memories.

2. Phantom sensations

80% of people who are amputated any limbs, get different feeling from a non-existent body parts. This can be as a sensation of heat or pressure, and a feeling of itch or pain. Some scientists explain this by the fact that the nerves leading to amputees, create a new connection and send signals like it is in place. But there are also proponents of the theory that the brain has "built-in" map of the whole body, and he continues to work with her even when physical loss of limb.

3. Tricks of memory

Each of us are faced with such a situation, when some information he can't remember, and some the opposite — to forget. Scientists conducted one experiment in this area and it certainly brought them closer to the solution. It seems that the main role in remembering the hippocampus plays. The main, but not exclusive. As it turned out, the real and false memories activate the same part of the brain. To distinguish these memories, the researchers usually asked subjects to remember a situation in the context and this complicates the problem if the memories are fake.

4. A fun puzzle game

Laughter, perhaps, the most strange manifestation of human behavior. During genuine laughter activates three areas of the brain: the cognitive, to understand the joke; the movement to control the muscles of the face; the emotional, giving a "funny" feeling. But why do some people laugh with jokes that are not funny to others and Vice versa. All that is certain – laughter improves the health of the person.

5. The mystery of aging

Eternal life, of course, attractive. However, the reality is not like Hollywood movies. What is the cause of aging? Man is born with an excellent set of mechanisms that can fight infections and injuries. But over time, these mechanisms cease to work. The reason can be explained either by the fact that aging is genetically determined and in some way beneficial, or aging has no purpose, it occurs because of accumulated damage to cells.

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