The most exclusive island in the world

If you one of those tourists who are already very difficult to surprise exotic, you should go to Mexico, but rather on one of its Islands. There is the island Marieta, which was included in the list of world heritage of UNESCO. Such a high status, the island has earned its unusual appearance, is also rich in flora and fauna.

The island has many beaches, but the main highlight here is the beach, which is hidden beneath the surface of the earth. The picture is irresistible – if you swim under the ground and sunbathe near the high of the huge sand dome. In addition to the unique appearance of the Mexican island is very rich in unique plants. Here you can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery and nice warm sunshine and swim in the environment always playing and friendly dolphins.

The locals are also surprisingly hospitable, despite the fact that cherish such a treasure of nature. The island, which is located in Banderas Bay is part of the Mexican National Park and is very carefully guarded by the local authorities. Most interesting is that the beach was formed naturally, and was the result of military trials of the early twentieth century. If you are a supporter of the so-called secluded exotic visit the island of Marieta. To find it will be a little difficult, because it is surrounded on all sides by a massive forest covers and the big rocks. But, as the saying goes, he who seeks will always find. Especially a vacation in a place you will remember for a lifetime.

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