Hitachi Ropits – tiny electric car running smartphone

A modern trend is the rapid decrease in the size of cars – huge car simply has no place on congested city streets. The record for the minimalist among the machines should probably mention the recently electric Hitachi Ropits, managed, and smartphone.


While all of America is arguing about whether to release to the streets of cars with autopilot that replaces the live driver, the Japanese company Hitachi has created its own variant of such vehicles, however, for completely different purposes.


Hitachi Ropits is an electric car, which has not much in common with the classic car. Take at least its top speed, which is only 6 kilometers per hour, which is equal to the walking speed of a healthy adult.

In addition, Hitachi's Ropits is designed only for one passenger, and entrance into the vehicle is via a flip-up the front. According to the idea of manufacturers, Hitachi Ropits is a vehicle that will become the alternative to the car, and walking. It would be great for the elderly, whose physical strength is not enough for a brisk walk, the disabled, and just people, ponders how would be safer and more economical to get from point a to point B.

Moreover, the electric car Hitachi Ropits even the driver is not needed. The function thereof it will carry the smartphone on which the passenger can indicate the final point of arrival, and the vehicle itself will drive him there, using it as public roads and sidewalks. However, if you want to drive this car manually using the joystick.

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