Why don't we remember our childhood and how we were born?

All we store in our memories many memories from my childhood, but no matter how we tried to remember everything, we can't. No grown man does not remember how he was born and the first years of his life. Usually in memory stored memories starting from 3 — 7 years of age. This phenomenon was called "amnesia of childhood".

For the first time this term was used by Sigmund Freud in 1899. He believed that people are unable to remember the events of the first 3-5 years of his life, due to the fact that during this time the child is exposed to aggressive and often sexual motives in relation to their parents. However, this theory has had a unilateral nature and did not survive.

Most likely, the main reason for this memory loss is the difference between encoding the received information in children and adults. And if the adult human brain can store a lot of data, a child's brain periodically deleting them to free up space.

The process of forming memories is performed by a network of nerve cells that is formed during the first 6-18 months. At this time there is short-term and long-term memory. But if the memory has reached the desired level, why do we not remember our childhood? As it turned out, this is because we have no way to associate the events with words, so we still can't speak, and don't know the words to describe an event.


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