Personal vehicle – the cause of obesity

"The car is not a luxury but a means of obesity!" — this is the conclusion, the results of recent studies of Australian scientists, you can change the famous motto. The Australians have reported that people who travel to work by car, are more likely to suffer from obesity than their peers who take public transport.


The experiment showed that the owners of the cars, on average, per year gain two kilos in weight, and those who for their commuting choose bus or bike — no то500 G. "Even if You lead an active lifestyle, daily travel to work by car definitely will involve weight gain," commented the lead author Takemi Sugiyama of the University of Melbourne.


In research took part 830 volunteers, and only those who every day do physical exercise and get to work by public transport, avoided weight gain during the study. If commuting by car is inevitable, You need to move more and exercise.

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