Brazilian trees implanted with microchips

According to Reuters, the trees in the tropical forests located in the basin of the Amazon river, will be equipped with microchips in order to inform on illegal logging. Now when a tree falls in the forest and the woodcutter thinks that nobody's gonna hear it, he is deeply mistaken. The relevant services will know about it first.

Eighteen million five thousand nine hundred twenty eight

Currently, Brazil is one of the countries where illegal logging of hundreds of thousands hectares of forest land leads to the creation of a large number of greenhouse gases that have a detrimental effect on the Earth's climate. According to the organizers of the project, a new microchip implanted in the trees of the Amazon rainforest, are another effective tool in the fight to protect the largest rainforest on Earth. It is a small square device similar to a badge of office, strengthening forestry at the base of the tree, and then to provide all necessary information, including the tree's location, its size, when and who cut it down.

Eighty eight million six hundred eighty seven thousand seven hundred twenty three

In addition, the fitting of microchips will give homeowners an additional warranty, which they bought for the construction of the forest has not been harvested by loggers who illegally destroy huge areas of forest land every year.

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