Unique speakers with a fountain and disco lights

Unique speakers Water Dancing Speakers is probably one of the few gadgets of its kind that can meet the needs of not only auditory, but visual learners as well. To hear and see the music will help the particular superstructure in the form of a transparent bulb with water, in which dancing fountains.

The fountains jump and dance to the beat playing tunes. The fun music, the more jumping jet fountains, and the louder, the higher. But the most wonderful moment, which distinguishes Wаter Dаncing Reach from other creative speakers, it's light music, that blends with water pods inside the transparent bulb. For this property the device can be called an art project, or even interior decoration, because from the outside it looks quite picturesque.

The secret is that in the bottom of the radio is illuminated, the 4 led under the dancing water streams. Their color varies at random, and the whole picture attracts, attracts attention, as if hypnotising, especially if the music atmosphere to the render. Audio Wаter Dаncing Reach has a USB interface for connecting to the computer, are also available and perehodnik to connect the device to the phone. To see how it looks live, on video:

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