Top 3 most successfully disguised secret rooms and passages

Past events may also be illustrated through the secret corridors, secret rooms and nondescript tunnels. With their help, as they won and lost the war, carried out coups. At times, the country has changed beyond recognition simply because of the conveniently located lever. Now, there are still a lot of geocaching: from the tunnels of the Tijuana drug traffickers and ending with hidden doors that hide the most expensive wines.
One of the most ancient of secret corridors found in Egypt. In the pyramid of Cheops (Giza), you will be able to see the tunnel that lead to the entrance to the burial chamber.

Cu Chi tunnels in Vietnam used as cover in battle. Moreover, they placed the nodes, different routes, hospitals, food and weapon supplies, as well as accommodation for the night of the guerrillas.

A secret room in a former school "Sountry Dаy Fоrd". It used to be a Tudor mansion in Los Altos hills (CA).

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