"Likes" can tell about people more than they suspect

Every day, millions of users click "Like", boldly saying to the world about their preferences in respect of different things. And these "likes" are able to talk about people more than they expect of their sexual orientation, religious affiliation, and even they use drugs or not.
You are what you like. Long ago, we know that people of a certain age, gender, sexual orientation, religion and personality type choose certain ideas, products, and activities. Imagine a typical sports arena and Opera house — it will be completely different people.

Seven million four hundred five thousand seven hundred seventy eight

That is why suppliers of goods and services are so interested in collecting information on potential consumers, because advertising is more effective when it is offered to the target audience. The Internet — huge database of such information. And psychologist Michal Kosinski of Cambridge University (UK) and Microsoft Research wanted to know how many "likes" can tell about a person.

Thirty nine million eight hundred nine thousand four hundred ninety eight

Info about "husky" open, but it's hard to judge psychological type of personality. Therefore, Mr. Kosinski and his Cambridge colleague David Stilwell has developed a Facebook application myPersonality. With the consent of the user, it gains access to his personal page, as well as offers to perform a series of tests on the level of General life satisfaction, introversion, intelligence, etc. With the application has worked for more than 4 million people.
Offer to think seriously about what You really talk about myself more than I would like.

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