3 future technologies for Your home

        Mobile app
There are more inexpensive devices to control home communications that you can control with app for iPhone. For example, the thermostat Nеst which is designed by a former employee Aрple costs only 249$ and predictable similar to the technique of Apple. The thermostat will save energy (it turns off the heating when no one is home), and with the help of mobile apps it is possible to adjust the temperature at a distance.

        Robot assistants
If robot vacuum cleaners like Rоomba more no surprise, then robot assistants, who will be able to clean or even look after elderly people, while not considered part of our normal life. Yet so smart (and affordable) robots like in the movie "Robot and Frank", but has already developed such assistants as, for example, Hеctor — this robot reminds the elderly to the owner about the need to drink the necessary medicines, take a walk or call.

        Appliances and social networks
Sometimes connecting everyday items to the Internet looks quite justified — for example, on the screen of the fridge to read the recipes more convenient than going to the kitchen with a tablet. But the developers Amipd went on: CES 2013 introduced a refrigerator T9000 c operating system Android, the screen which you can not only find recipes, but to see Goоgle calendar, write notes in Evеrnote, listen to music and send a tweet.

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