Around Fukushima will be a giant ice wall

The Japanese for two years trying to stop leaks of contaminated radioactive particles in water from the emergency nuclear plant Fukushima. But it seems that the engineers from the land of the Rising Sun have come up with a way to finally overcome this trouble. They are going to protect the nuclear power plant giant ice wall.
The plan of salvation of Mankind from Fukushima radiation involves the construction of a large underground walls, whose length is 1.4 km. However, it will not be a holistic design. According to the draft, it will be assembled from pipes with a length of 20-40 meters, which are dug vertically into the ground at a distance of 1 meter from each other.

In pipe these are to apply a special liquid, its temperature is minus 40 degrees, freezing the ground and water, thus create a man-made version of permafrost. Similar technologies has for many decades used in the operation and construction of tunnels and shafts. But so big and expensive project conceived for the first time!
The authors of the idea argue that fully implement it by 2015. The creation of this huge ice wall around the Fukushima nuclear power plant will take more than a billion dollars, but the security is much more important than money.

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