Fish that are harmful to health

1. Imported catfish, pangasius, Taiwanese catfish, tilapia. A large part of the imported drawbridge fish (90%) deliver Vietnam, where its cultivation is widely practiced application of antibiotics that are banned in many countries. Catfish that lives in the wild and vylovlennya in our country can be safe.

2. Branded (Atlantic) cod. Its use is not just a challenge as an act of vandalism, as due to uncontrolled catch and other adverse conditions of the Atlantic cod is on the verge of extinction and is entered in the Red book. But if you can't live without cod, you can safely enjoy the Pacific species, which is still quite a lot.

3. Acne. Acne — tasty fish, which is widely used in the manufacture of sushi. A list of harmful fish he gets from that is too contaminated with mercury and PCBs, which are more that just kill the liver, but accumulate in the body. Fish farm bred eel, usually quite contaminated with different waste and suffer from excessive overproduction and crowding.

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