In the Netherlands, created the project smart roads that will charge electric cars

Cars are becoming smarter every day — but can we say the same about the roads? Dutch designer Daan Roosegarde thinks straight under the wheels of cars have a wealth of untapped potential. He invented the project, which will enable the roads to generate energy for electric vehicles and for lighting.


The project "smart highway" provides for the improvement of highways using innovative technologies to help visually identify dangerous road conditions and accident sites. These highways can charge electric cars direct on-the-go, and even generate energy for their lighting.


On the road applied a special glow-in-the-dark paint strips, and further treated them with photoluminescent powder. It turns out that the band "charged" by daylight and then illuminate the road at night for 10 hours. This will reduce the need for additional lighting and save electricity.
Innovative technologies will provide both aesthetic appeal and functionality. They can say, bring part of the beauty that has always been deprived of the design of roads.


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