Bronchitis treatment at home

You need to take one great recipe that will help from broncho-pulmonary diseases such as pneumonia and bronchitis. To do this we need pork internal fat, approximately 300 grams, and six green apples. Apples do not peel, just cut. To do the same with fat. Then put the stewed on a slow fire, so that nothing burned.

Take 12 egg yolks to grind with one Cup of sugar and add 300 grams of grated chocolate. The mixture of fat and apples to pass through a sieve and mix well with the egg-sugar-chocolate mixture. Now you need to put aside to chill.

The recipe is ready, you can proceed to the treatment of bronchitis at home. This mess spread on bread and serve with warm milk, preferably goat. This will quickly help you to get well.

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