TOP 3 space science discoveries of 2013

Mars had water
In soil samples, which took the Rover Сuriosity near Gale crater, discovered minerals, nitrogen, hydrogen, sulfur, phosphorus, oxygen and carbon. As scientists say, it could serve as proof that more than 3.5 billion years ago, Mars was a freshwater lake. Moreover, experts do not exclude the possibility of the existence in them of microorganisms, as if they had all the right conditions to sustain life.

Geysers on Jupiter's moon
One of the photos of Jupiter's moon, Europa, which made a telescope "Hubble", the experts found an unusual bright spot that stood above the surface to 200 km. Further studies show that this spot is a giant geyser, spewing ice water.

"Tree rings" of galaxies
Researchers from NASA have found a method of determining the age of the galaxy. Their recent discovery shows that the first stars in the galaxy are formed in its center of mass and move away from him. Also, according to them, new stars enhance the glow region in the ultraviolet spectrum, and older — in the infrared.
And a little bit of water on Mars
Orbital Rеconnaissance took a couple of pictures of the crater, which is located near the equator of the red planet. They are clearly visible dark marks, particularly active in spring and summer. According to experts, these marks appear due to the flowing salt water.

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