A smart light bulb, will not leave you without light when power outage

The new product is implemented proprietary technology Grid & Switch Sensor: the device can determine, for whatever reason, stopped the supply of electricity — due to mains failure or in connection with the banal off by the user.
The main task SmartCharge is the lighting during failure of electricity supply through the Central network. This problem is often faced by the inhabitants of the cities, not to mention the residents of small towns. If the cities emergency services work pretty quickly, in the village of assistance sometimes have to wait for days.

Lamp SmartCharge can work completely Autonomous. Help this lithium-ion battery and an integrated electronic circuit, the capacity of which 2 200 mA•h battery life — about four hours. The integrated power supply can withstand 300-400 recharge cycles, which will last for several years of operation.

LED-lamp SmartCharge screwed into conventional cartridges and do not require making any changes to existing wiring or establishing new lighting fixtures. Brightness equal to 350 CD/m2, color temperature of 3 000, 4 000 and 5 000 K. the Angle — 120 degrees. Light bulb capable of operating at a supply voltage of 110-240 V. the Main feature of the SmartCharge is a proprietary technology Grid & Switch Sensor, on which the developers plan to patent. The lamp can detect when electricity supply is interrupted due to changing the position of the switch, and when — due to a failure in the mains. In the first case the light goes out, and the second will burn. The user in both cases, can control the lights using the same switch.


Recall that recently was presented with a table that can turn on light bulbs in the distance.

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