Cuckoos have forced songbirds to render each other assistance

The threat from cuckoos, which in the wrong nest drop their eggs, has led to the fact that painted Malory began to live together as families, and childless "relatives" parents help care for offspring, they also reflect the invasion of cuckoos.

The phenomenon of collaborative reproduction, when the growing Chicks involved "relatives" of the parents, can be seen in nine percent of the birds. Childless "relatives" this method indirectly, but help to spread their genes.
Experts from Australia have suggested that because of the cooperation of the birds they protect themselves from the threat of nest parasitism. This strategy is used cow and grackles cuckoos, their eggs, they drop into the wrong slot. Experts have found that places where there are birds that resort to the strategy of conscientious breeding, often overlap with the territories of nest parasites: they live in South Africa and Australia. Birds that use this strategy, often become "victims" nesting parasites than other species.
Scientists who were engaged in the study of Australian songbirds painted maluro living in pairs or "families." Red-tailed bronze cuckoo lays its eggs in the nests of maluro. But scientists have found that relatives who help parents to raise the Chicks also assist in protecting cuckoos from.

Recall that recently scientists have noticed an unusual pigeon that exists in a single copy.

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