How to use a rubber camera will help you to decorate the interior?

RUBBER Project illustrates that recycling of raw materials is not only useful, but also beautiful. Rubber camera on the table legs, door shower enclosure and even the walls of the house look impressive and unusual. In many products the raw material is previously subjected to heat treatment, and then rubber was more elastic.
The simplest model from the collection of the RUBBER Project is a dining table whose legs are covered with rubber.

Seventy three million eight hundred fifteen thousand six hundred twenty six

Table with glass top made by a designer from the Netherlands Wout Wessemius on the same technology, but thanks to thermal processing of raw materials, rubber painting looks much more effective than a conventional camera.

Thirty three million six hundred forty two thousand three hundred ninety two

Good looks and a sofa, covered with rubber.

Ninety seven million fifty two thousand six hundred sixty one

The bed, the walls of which are decorated with remnants of rubber cameras, was hardly more comfortable, but what its appearance will strike the witnesses – that's a fact.

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