Scientists have proved that cats can extend the life of its owners

Two groups of scientists completed the study, which resulted in the conclusion that cats are able to extend the life of their owners. The Berlin Institute of Gerontology researchers stated that the duration of the life of those people who never keep cats, on average, ten years shorter than that of pet owners. It is connected primarily with the fact that cats contribute to the treatment of certain human diseases. This happens on the background of the fact that animals love the negative radiation in the area of diseased organs. When cats RUB against the man's leg, or treading water on some parts of the body, in these moments they move on the part of this negative energy, thereby reducing its negative impact on the person.

Details this phenomenon has not been studied, but large-scale data analysis of patients of clinics of Berlin shows what is considered the received data is a mere coincidence, is impossible. At the same time, for a full understanding of these processes still required a large-scale research work, which I plan to do at the Institute in the near future.

Similar results were shown and the research of experts of the London Institute of therapeutic methods of influence. The basis for their work was an accident. Living nearby lab Mar cat breed Maine Coon, often came into the room during various studies. And such moment in the laboratory scale sensors, generators of low-frequency current. Paying attention to this, the researchers measured low-frequency electromagnetic field in the cat, which was much stronger than in modern generators.

It is worth noting that such devices in modern medicine, used to accelerate wound healing and bone regeneration, and to stimulate regenerative processes after various diseases. Comparing these facts, the researchers came to the conclusion that cats are the strongest natural generator can relieve a person from various health problems. And keeping the cats in the house is a contributing factor to a longer and healthier life.



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