Practical methods of speech development in children

The process of formation of speech sounds or pronunciation of sounds is carried out by the departments rechevogo vehicle from the Central nervous system. The most important muscles of the speech organs is the tongue. And to run purposeful voice work, the language must be well developed. This requires gymnastics, which also contributes to prevent the shortcomings of pronunciation. Emotional and mental condition of the child depends on the development of speech. For correct sound pronunciation it is necessary to do articulation gymnastics as early as possible.

First, the training exercises you need to perform in front of a mirror. So the child will see, how this language works. Along with regular exercises articulation will become an automated skill. The first time not everything can happen – don't get upset. Patience and calm parents will help the child to do everything. You need to deal with every day for 5-7 minutes. Best of all articulation exercises to carry out in the form of a fairy tale.

In working with children on the correctness of speech, it is important to move from simple to complex gradually, challenging assignments, leave for later. It is important to always repeat what has been learned. This approach develops speech, memory and attention, promotes mental actions. It is important to teach the child how to hear the words, because in the words of the same sounds. Predlozhite the baby to finish the word, to guess a riddle, learn rhymes, tongue twisters. Try to accompany it with a movement, comment all your actions.


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