Hot tempered people live longer

Many people try to deal with their own lack of restraint, considering it a bad quality of character. And it makes sense, how to deal with a hot-tempered person is difficult, as these people often condemn. But scientists believe that the "hot" character – longevity.


So, experts from the University of Jena (Germany) claim that hot-tempered people live longer than those who are used to restrain emotions. These results were announced after the experience, which was attended by 6 thousand people. Scientists noted that when a person tries to restrain negative emotions, his pulse quickens sharply.


Because of this, such restraint may lead to increased blood pressure and development of many diseases, including coronary heart disease and cancer. In addition, the authors of the experiment called the people who prefer to control their negative emotions, "repressors" and combined them into a risk group. In addition, the scientists said that the hot-tempered Italians live on average 2 years longer than the more reserved English. And study, of course, explains this pattern.

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