Scientists said that the social network Twitter contributes to the collapse of the family

According to experts, people who spend a considerable fraction of their time on social networks, more exposed situations with the breakdown of family and friendly relations.

The author of this extraordinary opinion, it has become a student of the graduate Institute of Missouri, Russell Clayton, who decided to carry out a survey with the involvement of 580 different users of social network Twitter, which broke, as you know, all the statistical records of attendance.

In accordance with the data obtained in the course of the study, the graduate student said that the more time young people spend on social networks, the greater the percentage of the dissolution of his romantic relationship with the second half. The young man also said that the frequent visits of this social network may lead to the disintegration of family relationships, and this is a strong statement indictment of character.

Recall that to draw this conclusion the young man helped simple questionnaire with the involvement of nearly six hundred young people between the ages of eighteen years, only recently created the family friendly Union or romantic relationship.



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