Incredible facts about sleep

1. External stimuli affect our dreams
Each of us has ever experienced it: the subconscious part makes sleep a physical sensation that we feel in the moment. People are thirsty, the subconscious “throws” the image of the glasses of water. They're trying to get drunk (in the dream, of course), newly thirsty, again see a glass of water, and so on — until you Wake up and you find that you really want to drink and get drunk already in the real world. Thus, the subconscious “tells” that need to Wake up.
2. Former smokers see more vivid dreams
Former smokers see more vivid and real dreams than all other people. Most often they dream that they once again began to smoke and feel the guilt.
3. We dream only what we saw
In our dreams we often see strangers, but have no idea about what our consciousness does not invent their faces. These are the faces of real people, those we saw during life, but don't remember.

4. Dreams prevent psychosis
Recently, scientists conducted an experiment: subjects were allowed to sleep the required 8 hours, but woke in the initial phase of each dream. After three days, all without an exception of participants of the experiment, there were difficulties with concentration, hallucinations, unexplained irritability and early signs of psychosis. When the subject finally given the opportunity to dream, scientists noticed that the brain compensates for the absence of dreams in the previous days due to a longer than usual finding of the body in REM sleep.
5. Small children do not see themselves in dreams themselves under the age of 3 years. With 3 to 8 years old children see more nightmares than adults in my entire life.

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