Innovative water pump solar from Pumpmakers

From a lack of clean drinking water in the world affects about 780 million people in developing countries. As one of the solutions to the problems the company Pumpmakers suggested it created a innovative water pump NSP Solar Pump that runs exclusively on solar energy.

According to the developers, the equipment is environmentally friendly, easily installed, require minimal maintenance and can be assembled directly at the installation location in any corner of our planet. In addition, the "solar" pump is pretty inexpensive which is extremely important in an unstable economy poor regions.

Despite the fact that the power source for the pump serve only the solar battery, it can work even on cloudy days. Also, the device has a manual mode pumping of water, which is useful in night time.

The technical specifications stated that the pump is able to pull water from depths up to 100 meters (300 feet). And you can use them even untrained person. The device is so simple in operation that it is even possible to assemble using the video and drawings from the developer.

A test batch of equipment has already been sent to one of the villages in Mozambique, where innovative water pumps are in test mode. Each device provides the daily requirement of clean drinking water to 800 residents of the village, pumping up to 5 liters.

If the new product will show good results in terms of reliability and efficiency, the company will start industrial production of pumping equipment. In this case, using environmentally friendly pump powered by solar panels, it will be possible to provide a stable non-volatile source of clean water in any region of the world with minimum expenses.

It is worth noting that the company's founder is the Austrian developer Dietmar Pieces. Realizing the ineffectiveness of the existing solutions for the widespread supply of drinking water in Africa, Dietmar Pieces started my project.

On the collected funds he plans to create a sharing platform that will house technical resources that will expand opportunities for people in developing countries.

The activist hopes that free access to useful technical information will be the tool that will improve the quality of life of people from poor regions. The first step in this project was the water pump to solar.



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