Spanish scientists —prospects of geothermal energy

At the University of Valladolid (Spain) believe that the existing technologies of extraction of geothermal energy, its potential to increase its generation in Spain to a level five times higher than the current rate of production of nuclear energy, hydrocarbons and alternative power plants in the country combined. The scientists believe that the development of geothermal energy is the only way to energy independence of Spain, as the production of this type of energy almost regardless of external factors.

Now considered the most modern technology of cold water in wells, depth of which exceeds 5 kilometers. At this depth the temperature of rocks exceeds 150 degrees Celsius, which allows one geothermal power plant operating on one well, to work on the power to 30 gigawatts. A subsequent increase in the depth up to 7 kilometers or more, increases the capacity of which can reach up to 200 gigawatts.

In this technology interesting and the point of consumption, necessary for its implementation. The process requires only a supply of cold water to a depth by using a rotary vacuum pump where it is returned under pressure to the surface in the form of steam. It, rotating the turbine, condenses, and becomes again fit for the feed depth.

In fact, the efficiency of such technologies exceeds that of current types of power plants, which allows to talk about the great profitability of this method of energy generation.

At the University of Valladolid are confident that the prospects for large-scale geothermal energy development is not only the Iberian Peninsula but most of the Eurozone countries. According to research of underground temperatures in Europe, at least 28 countries are able to fully provide itself with energy from the Earth.

And if now to start to actively develop this direction, enlisting public support, after only ten years the problem of energy supply for Europe, may disappear completely.



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