Air bags of silicone

32-year-old Sheyla Hershey is the owner of the biggest silicone breast in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records.

Recently, a woman got into a serious accident, and thanks to his chest did not suffer ...

According to 32-year-old woman last Sunday she went to the bar to pick up her husband, who watched Super Bowl, little subjects and could not get behind the wheel. The road was wet, dark and winding - woman lost control of his Ford Mustang, flew off the road and crashed into a tree. Then, as befits a woman whose brain to move, she turned back up and gave gas - so much so that the car crashed into a tree on the other side of the road ...

Established airbags did not work, and from severe chest trauma rescued silicone implants, the size 36KKK.


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