In dogs and humans, the voice area of the brain are one and the same place

New his kind of study, which compared MRI of the brain of people and dogs showed that their brain region reserved for voice recognition are one and the same place, processing of emotional signals. The study's lead author Dr. Attila > > > Andik, Professor from Budapest, and the Centre's staff have reported their results in the journal "Biology of Cells" 14 July 2014.

"Although parallel evolution of people and dogs can not be absolutely ruled out," the scientists write, research suggests that the brain region specialized voice started to develop more than a hundred million years ago.

These results also shed light on the mechanisms of brain and behavior, which can now explain the unique connection that existed between dogs and humans tens of thousands of years.

Dr. > > > Andik notes that the social environment of dogs and humans environment very similar and that it seems they may use similar mechanisms in the brain designed to handle social information, which may, in the end, natsuno to explain why two different species are doing as well in relations of loyalty and friendship.

Scientists have found that in dogs, 48 per cent zvukousilitel of brain areas responded stronger to not vocal sounds, compared with only 3 percent of people. It explains how four-legged friends respond well to the tone of voice of the owner.




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